Upholstery Cleaning New York, NY

Upholstered furniture looks beautiful and stylish and also gives great comfort and relaxation. But with time, it is bound to get dirty and stained. We at Maaco Upholstery Cleaning specialize in safe upholstery cleaning services. We use 100% organic cleaning products at our facilities in NY which not only clean the delicate upholstery thoroughly but also preserve its softness and shine.

Whether it is your home where children and pets frequently come in contact with the upholstery or your office where a number of people use your upholstered furniture on a daily basis, you need our professional upholstery cleaning services in New York to keep it free from bugs, lice and moths.


Eco-Friendly Cleaning

We use only non-toxic, green cleaning products. We give you a safe and healthy clean you can trust.

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